Mobile Slots – 5 Simple Steps to Carrying the Slots in Your Pocket

Mobile Slots are coming far away from its moderately simple design when invented in the nineteenth century compared to the great improvements that have been made today in slot machines. When Charles Fey invented the first One-Armed Bandit of three drums in 1887, little could he have expected the technological alterations in his plan of a game played on the machine? Here I will share with you 5 simple steps so that you can turn and bet on your mobile device in a very short time.

Get Internet Enabled Phone

To play slot machines on your mobile phone, you need an Internet-enabled phone. The diversity of branded mobile phones that can be connected online is numerous. Getting a proper mobile phone is important, particularly the graphic quality of your phone to improve your slots gaming experience. You must know the requirements to play on your phone. Most sites that offer mobile slot games will instruct you to select your phone from a compatible phones list. You do not want to get a new phone and then discover that it does not meet the requirements.

Get a Carrier

After getting your mobile phone ready for the Internet, you will require having Internet connection service on your phone. When you have an Internet-enabled phone, you should check with your provider if there are extra charges for connecting online. You must activate your data plan if it is not yet working. If you are unsure that you have data activated on your phone, try visiting the WAP website. If you can see the website, then you have the service. It is better to have an unlimited data plan with your provider.

Download Software

If you have the phone and the internet connection, it’s time to download the software online. Not all slot gaming websites provide mobile slot action. You can search for those offering mobile slots. All sites use an app called wireless application protocol (WAP). WAP is used to wireless communication devices such as your mobile phone. Depending on your connection, most downloads will be quite fast and automatic installation will start.

Sign Up

If you play online with a website that provides mobile slots, then you have to use the username and password you already have. But if you do not have one, you will have to register and create a username and strong password. Registering is just like signing up online. More details.

Spin n’ Win

You can use many mobile devices to connect and play with most mobile slots games. These include a laptop or PDAs. Similar to playing online, you need access to customer service and the ability to bet real money. The wonders of technology have allowed us to take slot machines from casinos, put them in our houses through a virtual world and now clearly carry the slots in your bags or pocket to play anywhere. Mobile slot machines are really great for taking a break, traveling or if you’re addicted to slot machines, just play whenever you want where you want.


Mobile slot machines are not that different from online slot machines. The just big disparity is that you’re playing with your cell phone rather than online or in a casino. The developers have made software that is as vivid and colorful as the genuine thing.